Rachel Patton McCord, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator
RachelMcCord_BCMBFacultyPictureRachel received her BS in Biophysics from Davidson College (Davidson, NC), building optical tweezers with advisors Dr. Karen Bernd and Dr. John Yukich.  She received her Ph.D. in Biophysics from Harvard University (Cambridge, MA) for work on transcription factor sequence preferences supervised by Dr. Martha Bulyk. She carried out postdoctoral research on 3D genome structure with Dr. Job Dekker in the Program in Systems Biology at UMass Medical School.  In addition to science, she enjoys playing with her son, playing the violin, bicycling, and singing.


Graduate Students

Rosela Golloshi, BCMB                                                                              Rosela

Jacob Sanders, BCMB

Yang Xu, GST

Postdoctoral Fellows

Rebeca San Martin, Ph.D.

Undergraduate Students

Trevor Freeman, BCMB Major, Class of 2018
Thomas Isaac Raines, BCMB Major, Class of 2019
Mandy Stallard, BCMB Major, Class of 2020
Delaney Thurston, BCMB/Medical Lab Science, Class of 2020

Past Members/Graduates

Sarah Carver, BCMB, B.S. 2016
Darrian Nash, BCMB, B.S. 2017
Jeff Schoondyke, BCMB, B.S. 2018
Peyton Terry, BCMB & Philosophy, B.S. 2018


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